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We all check our emails regularly, don't we? So it's an integral part of Google and an ideal place to communicate with customers. Unlike traditional email marketing, now you can introduce an innovative way of advertising to a massive public — an email-like ad format that can tempt your recipients to open it each time they receive one.

Benefits of Gmail Advertising

You can place your product/service in front of potential customers who aren't necessarily looking for it, which is not something like a paid search. It works exceptionally well for businesses proposing free trials or allowing consumers to express an interest in your firm without engaging too much then and there. Gmail ads can be targeted by keywords, location, gender, age, interests, people's purchase history, job titles, and more such exciting parameters. You can manage your email list to influence existing customers. You can also exclude people from your existing list so that your email ads can only be displayed to the new customers.

Types of Gmail Advertising

Teaser Ads: It can either be viewed as an image gallery or a list format. You can also craft a headline, teaser text, and image.

Fully Expanded Ads: It is shown when an email recipient clicks on a teaser ad. It's the section where you can display your brand creatives, videos, call to action button, data capture – whatever your campaign needs.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Management

Google Gmail Ads Management Service - PayPerClickIQ

Free Google Ads audit

Business Specific Success Strategy & Goal

Competitor Analysis

Landing Page Creation & Optimization

Setup Ad Campaign (affinity audiences, in-market audiences, and demographics)

Highly Effective Banner & Responsive Text Ads

Setup Conversion Code (Call Tracking, Purchase, Form Sign up)

Testing & Optimization

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Weekly Reporting

Why Choose PayPerClickIQ

We are the Google Partner Agency with 8+ years of experience in achieving satisfactory lead, sales, and ROI for our global clients. Our dedicated team of Google Ads Management is committed to developing your online business in the most productive, effective, and functional way possible. Our PayPerClick service pricing depends upon the time and resources needed, regardless of certain activities. Contact us if you want to explore more about what our Google Ads specialists can do to boost your business.

Ad Strategy and Optimization

Having a great approach is the core of a thriving PPC marketing campaign. We examine all the strategic and optimization metrics effectively that are involved in our client's project.

Maximize ROI

Our Google Ads experts identify and employ the potential KPIs into your advertising model to ensure that every cent spent on your PPC advertising achieves the highest possible ROI.

Accelerate Growth

The next measure for a successful PPC campaign is durable scaling. We distinguish precisely how to scale your marketing campaigns while maintaining an adequate ROI for accelerated expansion.







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