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How can Bing Ads help your business?

When you're working to stay ahead of the marketing game, there's no point restricting yourself. Bing Ads unlocks new possibilities for your business, as the search engine powers' Yahoo!', you must be easily noticeable across Microsoft's search engine. When we compose your Bing Ads strategy, we make sure to utilize the correct tools so you're intensely visible across the web.

Budget-friendly Ads Service:

As a Bing Ads Expert, we know how to get the most out of your ad budget, so you achieve more from your marketing resources. We help you to execute brand new Bing campaigns, increase Ads proficiency, render proactive optimization, and offer full-scale Bing Ads reporting.

Competitive Advantage:

There are more than 150+ million users explore the Bing network. Nearly 45 million users use the Bing network only and never visit Google. On average, Bing Network's CPC (cost per click) is around 50 to 70 percent less than Google's Ad engine. Besides, there's 36% less competition as compared to Google. Pretty clear that you can always stay ahead of the overall competition.
With our understanding and experience, we can help you set up Search Ads, Display Ads, Shopping Ads, Video Ads, Retargeting Ads, and even your entire campaign.
You won't be wasting your money bidding for unnecessary high-value keywords as we make sure your budget is sensibly allotted for better returns.
If you're striving for the practical short term growth offered by Bing Ads and similar services but require the assistance of an experienced PPC agency, we'd be happy to help.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Management

Bing Ads Management Service - PayPerClickIQ

Free Bing Ads audit

Business Specific Success Strategy & Goal

Competitor Analysis

Landing Page Creation & Optimization

Setup Ad Campaign (Keywords, Placement & Bing Merchant)

Highly Effective Text, Banner & Shopping Ads

Setup Conversion Code (Call Tracking, Purchase, Form Sign up)

Testing & Optimization

And many more from a Bing Ads Expert

Weekly Reporting

Why Choose PayPerClickIQ

We are the Google Partner Agency with 8+ years of experience in achieving satisfactory lead, sales, and ROI for our global clients. Our dedicated team of Bing ads Management is committed to developing your online business in the most productive, effective, and functional way possible. Our PayPerClick service pricing depends upon the time and resources needed, regardless of certain activities. Contact us if you want to explore more about what our Bing ads specialists can do to boost your business.

Ad Strategy and Optimization

Having a great approach is the core of a thriving PPC marketing campaign. We examine all the strategic and optimization metrics effectively that are involved in our client's project.

Maximize ROI

Our Bing ads experts identify and employ the potential KPIs into your advertising model to ensure that every cent spent on your PPC advertising achieves the highest possible ROI.

Accelerate Growth

The next measure for a successful PPC campaign is durable scaling. We distinguish precisely how to scale your marketing campaigns while maintaining an adequate ROI for accelerated expansion.







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From starting with an enthusiasm to drive results for you to earning The Google Partner badge, we relish 8+ years of experience in search engine marketing. Right from working on keyword research, campaign frameworks, and Ad quality score, our Adwords certified experts render their dexterous know-how to ensure your PPC performs at its best.

We utilize the power of Google Ad Manager's sophisticated searching mechanism. We take pride in our objective to encourage businesses as well as individuals to efficiently run some of the most widespread global search marketing campaigns across multiple engines and media channels.