PPC (Pay Per Click) Services

Google Search Ads

Implement and organize your PPC ads professionally to bring pre-qualified customers onto your website. We focus around getting your website more visible when people find a relevant product/service on a search engine.


Google Display Ads

We offer businesses to display their ads on a variety of platforms to improve brand awareness, engagement, and lead conversions. Your text, image, or video ads reach people who explore websites relevant to your product/service.


Google Shopping Ads

We exhibit your e-commerce products on the top results when someone searches explicitly for it on Google. Make your shopping results even more noticeable for potential customers.


Youtube Video Ads

Gain a competitive advantage to boost your brand and product awareness with cost-effective, carefully curated, and targeted video campaign ads on Youtube with six variants of Ad formats.


Google Gmail Ads

Create expandable email-like interactive ads that are delivered straight to your customers' inbox, which lets you connect with them in a more personal space.


ReMarketing Ads

Didn't get a visitor to buy your product the first time? Relax! With PayPerClickIQ, you can rest assured that your remarketing campaign fascinates and intrigue your earlier visitors to turn them into buying customers.


Bing Ads

We expertly apply complete Bing PPC management service to track and target a specific group of Bing users who can provide you that much-needed push to drive your traffic organically. Remember, not everyone is Googling; there's a whole bunch of people who are Binging too!


Amazon Ads

Are you looking for steps to grow your Amazon sales? We are an expert Amazon Paid marketing company. Our team of Amazon PPC Ads experts can help you fulfill more orders to boost your sales and profits significantly.


Facebook Ads

With over a billion active users across the globe, Facebook is a powerful online marketing platform. We analyze, target, execute, and deliver a full brand campaign to accomplish successful results with maximized ROI.


PPC (Pay Per Click) Management

PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign Management

Understand What Ads Is For

With powerful capabilities to attain new and insightful data along with increasing leads, sales, and ROI, Ads allow businesses to exploit more opportunities across the world of paid marketing.

Research and Understand Your Target Audience

We ensure that your PPC campaigns are set up to target your potential customers. Effective measures we care for are geography, schedule, class, age, interests, behaviors, budget, bids, and popular keywords.

Optimize a Targeted Products/Landing Page for Your Ad

Creating compelling & valuable content and ad copy to exhibit your product or a landing page is very important to influence your target audience. Our team of Creatives works innovatively to win the hearts of your customers.

Verify Positive ROI

We focus on developing and organizing the best PPC strategy for your business so you can maximize your Return on Investment (ROI).

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From starting with an enthusiasm to drive results for you to earning The Google Partner badge, we relish 8+ years of experience in search engine marketing. Right from working on keyword research, campaign frameworks, and Ad quality score, our Adwords certified experts render their dexterous know-how to ensure your PPC performs at its best.

We utilize the power of Google Ad Manager's sophisticated searching mechanism. We take pride in our objective to encourage businesses as well as individuals to efficiently run some of the most widespread global search marketing campaigns across multiple engines and media channels.