Another Crack At Ringtones

Fraser (, my AzoogleAds account manager, called me about 2 weeks ago and said he had a great opportunity for me.  Whenever Fraser calls I listen because he always has good news and good ideas.

This offer was brand new, something that literally had 1 person bidding in AdWords.  An offer so great that I was sure to make some huge money.  The only downside?  It was a ringtone offer.

Don’t get me wrong, I love ringtones.  I’m a fan of the classics, some Alice Deejay “Better Off Alone”, “Lowrider”, MC Hammer’s “Too Legit 2 Quit” (Is that a classic yet?).

However, making money with ringtones has never worked for me.  I’ve tried the high paying offers, I tried the low paying offers.  I bought ads with PPC through Y!SM, AdWords, AdBrite and still lost money.  But for Fraser I was going to give it another chance.  Maybe at least I could break even.

About a week into my campaign I wasn’t getting the amount of clicks I had hoped for so I upped my bids.  Then I increased my keywords.  Then I rewrote my ads and deleted the ones with the worst CTR’s.  None of it seemed to matter, I was at a standstill.

Spend $10 make $10.  Spend $50 make $50.  Now take into consideration my 25% tax bracket and I’m losing money, AGAIN!

I don’t know how you guys do it with ringtones, but I can’t seem to steal any marketshare so I’m going to let you have it all back again.

No more keyword bidding and now more break even days.  I’m going to spend my time where I know it makes a difference in my monthly paycheck!

Since I know some big players read this blog, how about leaving a comment and letting me know what I did wrong, or what I could have tried differently, maybe it will help one of my niches.